Causes And Solutions Of Cell Phone Battery Swelling

2021-08-28 16:00:51 DEJI Battery 0

    Most of the smart phones we use now are all-in-one, and the mobile phone battery cannot be removed, but most of the mobile phones that were used before use lithium batteries. Lithium battery cell phones will swell if they are used for a long time. Can the battery continue to be used after swelling? Many people have this question, but it is not possible. Because when the mobile phone battery expands, it indicates that the battery has the possibility of exploding. Next, let the DEJI battery manufacturer analyze how to deal with the solution of mobile phone battery swelling for you.

Causes And Solutions Of Cell Phone Battery Swelling

   一. Analysis of the causes of cell phone battery swelling
   1. Most cell phone batteries use high-energy lithium batteries. Generally, this kind of battery will bulge and swell after it is used. It is very dangerous to continue using this phenomenon, so once this happens, you must change the battery in time, and you can't continue using it to avoid cell phone explosions.
  2. Generally speaking, the battery of a mobile phone will reach the end of its service life after one or two years of use. Mobile phone batteries cannot be used for a long time. It can be used for up to three years. After one or two years, the battery of the mobile phone will have various problems. The main reason for these problems is the quality of the battery and the normal overuse.
  3. Lithium battery is a kind of battery with metallic properties. After this battery is exposed to the air for a long time, it is easy to swell and explode. Lithium battery is also a metal object that can be charged and discharged, so it will chemically react with oxygen. It is less durable.


   二. Methods of handling cell phone battery expansion
   When the battery of the mobile phone swells, you must not continue to use it, and it must be cleaned up in time. But cleaning up in time does not mean that you can just throw it into the trash can, or throw it into some flammable and explosive materials. Once the mobile phone battery swells, it means that it will explode at any time, and you need to be cautious when handling lithium batteries, because carelessness will harm others and yourself. To dispose of swollen mobile phone batteries, you can choose a box or bag, pack the battery, and throw it into the trash can where you can recycle metal. Don't just throw it in your own trash can. The swollen battery will produce some toxic substances when it meets with water, which will affect your health.


  三, the prevention and solution of cell phone battery swelling and heating:
   1. When the mobile phone is at normal room temperature, it is normal that the heat does not exceed 60℃, and the battery will not be damaged.
   2. It is not advisable to use a high-current charger for too long. Charging for too long will damage the battery and generate heat at the same time.
   3. The phone charger is best to use the original or a product with a good reputation.
  4. If you are not in a hurry, it is recommended to use a cradle charger (slow charging method) to charge it, so as not to cause the battery to heat up. It is best to use the original mobile phone charger.
5. If you feel that your phone is a little hot while using your phone to listen to music or charge the battery, you can use *#0228# to check its temperature. If it exceeds 60℃, it will immediately return to the standby state or change the battery. If it is charging, it will stop immediately. .