How To Protect Phone Battery Life

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      As smart phones are becoming more and more inseparable in daily life, battery life has also become a major issue. Many mobile phone users want to extend the life of their mobile phones and do not know how to operate.

Phone Battery Life


  1.For the first start of using a new battery.

  The current mobile phone battery is generally lithium ion, and it should be fully charged when it is first used to ensure that it can achieve the best performance in future use.

  First use batteries is mostly empty electricity phenomenon appear off the electricity quickly, because before delivery charge for electricity, suggested to use to start charging less than 10% for the first time, please do not use automatic shutdown of the battery recharging, may be unable to charge and open, the phenomenon of the machine leads to cell activation failure, the new cells need cycle 5 times to release the electricity, the first five charging 100% continue to charge 1 to 2 hours after a thorough activation, subsequent more durable.

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  2. Don't always charge your phone.

  The battery has the function of preventing overcharging, although there is no risk of damaging the battery due to excessive charging. However, this does not mean that the phone can be charged all the time, and the battery level is best maintained at 40%~80%, which can extend the service life of the phone.


  3.Don't use the counterfeit charger.

  It is not safe to buy cheap chargers. Cheap chargers may be of low quality and do not have a built-in controller. Using a counterfeit charger can easily cause the phone to burn and cause a fire.


  4.Remove the mobile phone protective case in the rechargeable type.

  If the phone has a heavy protective case, it may cause the phone to overheat when it is charged for a long time. If you like these beautiful mobile phone protective cases very much, and you are worried that you may accidentally break your mobile phone, just remove the protective case when the mobile phone is charging. And don't cover anything on the plane.


  5.Avoid high temperatures.

  High temperature is the most harmful to lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion cannot withstand overheating, which is why mobile phones cannot be exposed to the sun or close to heat sources. Otherwise, the problem is either with the screen or with the battery.


  6.Beware of super fast chargers.

  Sometimes it’s necessary to quickly charge a mobile phone, but it is recommended that you avoid using chargers that claim to be able to fully charge the battery in less than an hour (except for graphene batteries, but graphene batteries are still in the laboratory stage), or check the phone Does the manufacturer allow the use of fast chargers.


  7.About the choice of charger.

  So Try to use the original charger to charge or use a charger of a reputable brand, use a special charger for lithium batteries, and follow the instructions. A charger that is not of good quality will not only damage the battery but also cause accidents.


  8.About charging time.

  The charging time is not as long as possible. Try not to charge it overnight, otherwise the battery will affect performance due to heat or overheating.


  9.Don’t play phone when charging.

  When charging, try not to use the phone: playing with the phone while charging, the battery is easy to wear, and the battery life is shortened.


  10.How often is it appropriate to replace a new mobile phone battery ?

  The normal cycle life of the battery is 500 charge and discharge cycles, but after 500 cycles, the battery can still be used normally, but the battery life will be shortened. It is recommended to update a new battery after 500 cycles of use.

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