What Are Your 5 Main Problems That Cause Damage To Mobile Phone Batteries

2020-12-22 16:43:52 DEJI Battery 0

With the rapid development of technology, mobile phones have become cheaper and cheaper, and now both men and women can use smart phones. Smart phones are also quietly changing our lives. For example, shopping online, shopping on the street to buy food, you cannot carry your wallet with you, or play games on your phone to kill boring time. As the use of mobile phones increases, one of the main shortcomings of mobile phones is gradually exposed, that is, the battery will run out before playing. Mobile phone batteries are particularly durable, and this trouble often accompanies us. Today, I will bring you three tips to solve the durability problem of mobile phone batteries, I hope you can use them!

1. Don't wait until the phone is turned off before charging.

I believe that as long as the phone is not turned off, many friends can continue to hold the phone and play continuously. They must wait for the battery to automatically turn off before they are willing to take out the charger to charge the phone. In fact, this method will not affect the battery of the phone. The damage is particularly great. For most mobile phones, lithium batteries are used. If the lithium battery is charged after the battery is used up, the lithium element in the battery will not be enough to work, which can easily affect the battery capacity and reduce the battery life for a long time. .

2. Do not charge while playing

Everyone often charges in the game. Even though the battery is fully charged, the charger is still plugged into the power source and the friend is playing a small video. Charging the battery is a process of deep sleep. Playing with the phone during the charging process will increase the burden on the phone. This will cause the battery life to be greatly reduced, and it will become increasingly difficult to charge the battery in the future. Charging is the process of battery deep sleep. Playing with the phone during the charging process will increase the burden on the phone. The high current will heat the phone. This is the behavior that most damages the phone battery.

3. There are too many programs running in the background.

I believe that many friends forget to clear the background of the software and let it run in the background after turning on their phones one by one. Running too much software will add more burden to the battery and cause the phone's battery to become less and less, so after using the software, you must remember to clear the background, otherwise the battery in the phone will be quiet without your knowledge Next, your phone battery life is quietly exhausted!

4. Battery charging time is too long

In some cases, you will not charge or charge. You can charge for one or two days on a single charge (most of the time you forget to unplug the charger). The act of continuing to charge a fully charged battery is also very harmful to the battery. Since current lithium batteries have a memory effect, please charge them as much as possible when you first buy them, but as long as they are fully charged in the future, you must unplug them. Otherwise, the battery will easily swell and bulge. Charging the battery is a small matter, but making the phone unsafe is a big deal!

5. Use low-quality chargers or high-current mobile power

Using low-quality chargers and high-current mobile power sources can also damage battery life. Some people may think that high-current chargers or mobile power supplies charge faster, but this is the most harmful to mobile phone batteries. Although high-power chargers and mobile power sources can quickly charge mobile phones, they will also run out quickly, leading to battery shortages. In this way, it is easy to damage the battery of the mobile phone for a long time, resulting in shorter and shorter battery life. I hope everyone will not pursue temporary pleasure, because it will destroy the battery life of the phone for a long time.