Will There Be Any Damage To The Battery If I Charge My Phone Overnight

2021-08-31 17:50:25 DEJI Battery 0

Is it harmful to the battery if the mobile phone is not unplugged overnight?
Today's smartphones actually have a very complete battery protection mechanism. When the phone is fully charged
It will stop charging the lithium battery, so it will not cause damage to the phone if it is not unplugged overnight at normal temperature, but doing so for a long time is another end.
You can first take a look at a set of research data from Battery University:
If the mobile phone is charged to full charge at 40°C, the battery capacity will drop by 35% after one year.
This is because when charging the phone normally, the overcharge protection does not work, but the battery is in a high voltage state for a long time, and the temperature will rise, resulting in a decrease in battery performance.
Will There Be Any Damage To The Battery If I Charge My Phone Overnight

Does it really explode while charging and playing on the phone?
To be honest, your concern about this issue is not unreasonable. After all, the sudden explosion of a charged mobile phone has indeed happened, but in fact, the explosion and playing with the mobile phone while charging do not matter. The reason for the explosion of the mobile phone battery is general. Most of them are short circuits, and excessive current is generated in an instant, causing the phone to heat up sharply, and the battery swells sharply, and it blows up. When playing the phone while charging, it is not the battery but the charger that provides the mobile phone with operating power. Allow the battery to charge longer without causing an explosion, I usually watch a drama and talk about it. Charging while playing will not cause damage to the battery. Unless you play a large game, the phone cannot support a full load and becomes hot, which will accelerate the aging of the battery and the internal circuit of the phone. , But everyone is not encouraged to play with mobile phones while charging.


Will frequent charging with a power bank damage the phone?
Charging a mobile phone with a power bank is actually a boost process. In this process, as long as the voltage of the power bank is stable, it is no different from charging with a charger, unless you are using a power bank of unreliable quality. , Otherwise it will not cause harm to the phone


Final summary
No matter if you unplug it without charging, or charge it repeatedly, it will not damage the phone, but I advise everyone not to charge it all at once, and don't wait until the phone is only 1% charged. The best way to charge the phone is, one Charge when you have the opportunity, and charge it in pieces, so as not to damage the battery

1. Lithium batteries have no memory effect, but they are afraid of excessive discharge and charging. Excessive discharge and charging will cause some lithium atoms to be "pressed" into the positive and negative electrodes and cannot escape, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity. Therefore, the lithium battery can generally be charged when there is 20% of the power left, and the charging is finished when it reaches 80%.

2. When charging, you must first plug in the charging plug, then plug in the phone. When unplugging, pull out the phone plug first, then the charging plug, so as to better protect the phone battery.

3. The main reason for most mobile phone explosions is that the mobile phone is inherently defective or the original charger and data cable are not used, and the mobile phone battery is not resistant to high temperatures. When the temperature of the mobile phone is too high, the probability of explosion increases. So usually the phone gets hot, so stop playing and let it calm down for a while.