Apple's Official IPhone Free Battery Replacement Conditions Standard

2021-08-14 10:47:39 DEJI Battery 0

What are the requirements for the free battery replacement of iPhone?

Apple stipulates that only iPhone users who meet the following conditions can enjoy the official battery replacement service: 

1. The phone battery AOC (rechargeable current) must be less than 80%. Users can find the "Battery Health" option in Settings, which will show the current battery status. 

2. The phone must be under warranty or have AppleCare+ service purchased and activated. 

3. The phone must not have any other unofficial maintenance traces, such as disassembling and replacing parts.

Apple's Official IPhone Free Battery Replacement Conditions Standard


Official after-sales battery replacement process

Apple's official battery replacement service has the following steps: 

First, users must make an appointment in advance, either through the official Apple website, App Store appointment page, or directly to the official Apple authorized repair point.

Second, after arriving at the repair point, users must present their cell phone purchase voucher, warranty card, or AppleCare+ service information for verification. 

Third, after testing by Apple repair personnel, if the phone meets the official conditions for battery replacement, the user will need to pay a fee and sign a repair service agreement. 

Fourth, the repair staff will replace the new battery and conduct relevant tests to ensure the phone operates normally.

Fifth, the user can pick up the phone with the replaced battery after a specified period of time.


Precautions before battery replacement

Before changing the battery, there are several preparatory actions to be done: 

Back up the important data in the cell phone to avoid data loss during the repair process. 

Clear the Apple ID on the phone and turn off the phone.

After replacing the new battery, the first charge needs to be fully charged before use. If problems occur, contact Apple's official after-sales service.



Battery replacement is a common repair service, but Apple cell phone battery replacement needs to meet certain conditions. Users can only enjoy the official battery replacement service if the battery has reached a certain degree of aging, is under warranty, and has not been unofficially repaired.

The battery replacement process includes booking an appointment, verification, payment, repair, and picking up the phone. You need to back up your data and clear your Apple ID before the battery change, and you need to pay attention to charging and normal use after the battery change. If there are any problems, users should contact Apple's official customer service or return to the authorized repair point for consultation and treatment.