Four Manifestations Of Mobile Phone Battery Aging

2021-08-04 17:25:09 DEJI Battery 0

  Many friends are concerned about whether the phone battery can be repaired if it is aging? There is a saying on the Internet that the mobile phone becomes smooth after changing the battery for another three years. The first large-scale spread originated from Apple. Although there is no data to verify the authenticity, the aging of the mobile phone battery definitely affects the use of the mobile phone.

  If the mobile phone has the following four situations, it is likely to be caused by the aging of the battery. At this time, we should go to the after-sales inspection or replace the phone battery in time.


1. Phone battery level jumps
If it is found that the battery level of the mobile phone suddenly jumps from 70% to 20%; or the mobile phone has a lot of battery power, it suddenly jumps to 0%, and then automatically shuts down. You need to plug in the phone charger to turn it on. This situation is a power jump. If this phenomenon occurs repeatedly, it means that you should go to the after-sales service to check the battery/machine in time.


2. Mobile phone battery drains very fast
Another phenomenon of battery aging is capacity loss, which is manifested in the fact that the mobile phone consumes power very quickly. As the number of charging and discharging of the mobile phone increases, the capacity loss of the battery will gradually increase. Therefore, when the battery power consumption is found to be significantly accelerated during daily use, it means that the battery may have aged to a certain extent.


3. When using high current applications in low temperature environments, the phone will automatically shut down
Huawei mobile phones generally perform better in low temperature environments. But if your mobile phone has been used for a long time, in a low temperature environment, when the remaining battery power of the mobile phone is low, it will automatically shut down when you open high-current applications (such as games, photos, videos, etc.), and the mobile phone has been in a similar environment before. There has not been an automatic shutdown. After reconnecting the charger, it is found that the power level is similar to the power level before shutdown. Then your battery may have been aging. It is recommended to check the battery after sales.


4. Phone battery bulge
Severe aging of the battery may also cause swelling, swelling of the back cover of the phone, and cracking of the back cover and screen. In this case, do not pierce it, and do not repair it yourself. It is the correct way to go directly to the after-sales service to replace the battery.