DEJI Replacement Original Capacity Battery for all iPhone Models
Our latest DJ battery solution eliminates the "unknown parts" message after replacing the iPhone battery. 100% health display.
DEJI is an OEM manufacturer for iPhone Batteries and other smartphone and tablet applications. We provide premium batteries for direct replacement of your Apple iPhone batteries. Our products are made from genuine A+ Lithium-Ion batteries and American TI chips, which ensure long-lasting power for your device.

We understand how important it is for customers to have batteries that are compatible with their devices and work seamlessly with IOS upgrades. With their original program PCB controller IC, they seamlessly adapt to iOS system upgrades, eliminating the need for maintenance.

Unlike many batteries on the market today, our batteries have undergone rigorous testing, ensuring that they comply with international standards and hold ISO9001, UL, TUV US, KC, and CE certifications, that guarantee safety and reliability.

With our battery, you have experienced the same capacity as the original battery. Importantly with the assurance of DEJI's superior quality, making them a reliable alternative with a better price

DEJI is not only a leading iPhone battery wholesale manufacturer but also a trusted iPhone battery wholesale partner, we offer a great sales policy for you. Don't settle for less when it comes to your iPhone's battery life. Upgrade to DEJI today.